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Diver int he Reef

Support Us

Help clean the beaches

If you live close to the beach, there is no minute to waste! Go and pick up the waste management from it, then throw it into a recycling bin. 


Donate for an organistation

There are tons of different organizations fighting against ocean pollution. One of them is for example "Sea Legacy". By donating you will help them with taking more action.

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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

These keywords explain everything. This is the right way to act. We promise you will see the difference.


Say NO to plastic

Quit using plastic instead, try using reusable things. For example, don't use a plastic bottle but a metal one. If you use plastic, most likely it will end up in the oceans.

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Spread the word

You can tell your family or friends about the global problem they probably don't think about on daily bases. To make it even more effective, you can for example spread the information on social media.

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Follow us

Follow us on our Instagram account: protecting_oceans. This will give us motivation to continue fighting against ocean pollution.

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